He is an extreme Left-Winger with few redeeming features. His attack of Liz Chaney because of her sister Mary and her two children is another low information columnist with poor taste proving he’s off the rails. Another Adult-child who throws Flame-Balls at his perceived enemies. An insult to humanity.

His latest fantasy involves creating a controversy where none exists. Here’s his take on Liz Chaney. –She’s a hypocrite.  

Eugene Robinson is a political columnist and fantasy writer as well as a rabid Obama supporter. He can spin faster than a speeding carousel. His gleeful Cheney bashing over straight Cheney daughter Liz and gay daughter Mary, now married to Heather Poe, tried to create issues out of thin air. Robinson, for example, wrote: “The Cheney sisters, once close, reportedly haven’t spoken since the summer.”

Robinson compares the alleged tension between the Cheney sisters, as if sisters must agree on everything all the time, with: “the larger struggle within the Republican Party”, as though Robinson, an extreme Left Wing Democrat can think like a Republican or that the Cheney family is the same as the American Republican Party. They aren’t. Not at all. 

The clear message from Robinson is there’s something wrong with Liz Chaney because she believes straight people have straight people marriages. That means straight Liz Chaney has a different set of principles about sexual orientation than her gay birth-sister.

Finally, Robinson says nothing about his own principles. Does he have a gay sister or brother? Does he have straight friends?. If his answers are yes he’s in the same boat as Liz Chaney, Dick Chaney and Mary Cheney. So am I. Is my view any better than Robinson’s? Well, …..yes. I know about ten sexes, he only writes about straight’s and gay’s, I wrote about ten.

And I’ve been thinking more about the ten sexes and it’s clear to me that there are many more than ten.  See the Ten Sexes post here. My current idea is to include some statistics and I now think there are about 100. More on that later.

My take on the Chaney Sisters? First, it’s too small of an issue. Second It’s titillating to Robinson but it’s none of his or my business. Last, I like all of the Chaney’s and that includes Heather Poe and Mary’s two birth-children. All are normal. Robinson has problems.  

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