Krauthammer’s lost his mind. He’s supporting Hillary. He knows attacking Trump supports Hillary and CHUCKIE THE FRAUD keeps making up lies about Trump. He revealed his fraudulent mindset by condemning Trump “for actually saying what he feels”.

Lil Chuckie is supposed to be smart. He has an unusually big amount of intelligence. He’s both a medical doctor and an attorney. Of course not telling the courts or a dying patient the truth is part of the doctor – lawyer mindset. They are trained to be that way but few doctors or lawyers are frauds. Charles is. Trump isn’t. Trump is smarter than Krauthammer.

Trump said:”We’re going to be very, very smart. We’re going to be tough. We’re going to be very vigilant, and we’re going to solve our problems,” he said.

Trump first addressed the Orlando massacre. “What happened was an assault on our country; it was an assault on the gay community,” he said. He also said the mass shooting was not about guns; it was about terrorism.

The hot topic issue of immigration came up next. “We want people to come into our country…legally, legally,” Trump said.

Trump made an appeal to female voters, saying, “We want women for Trump!”

He promised to bring jobs back, cut taxes and repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. He also pledged to knock out Common Core.

Trump wrapped up his speech with a promise to reform education, veterans’ and health care. “We’re going to make America greater than ever before,” said Trump in closing.

Charles is so yesterday. He believes Muslims should keep streaming into America so Muslim Terrorists can keep hiding in plain sight and walking around the United States picking targets and murdering Americans. That’s what they do. That’s what American’s want stopped. Lil Chuckie doesn’t get that.

Even Obama is more help to Trump than Chuckie. Hillary? She’s practically toast already. Jon Voight said “Obama’s view of what is right and wrong is totlaly distorted” So in Hillary’s. Both the email server scandal and Benghazi continue to hurt Clinton, as well as her hateful attitude. No wonder Bill went to other women over “Hilla the Hun” as he called her.

Hillary faces indictment from the FBI. She has refused to be interviewed by the State Department Inspector General. Why doesn’t Lil RINO Chuckie write against Hillary? Because like Obama, he hates Trump more than the Terrorists.

Krauthammer traces Trumps “VET FIRST” approach to Muslims to the aftermath of the San Bernardino Muslim Terrorist slaughter when Trump proposed his “VET FIRST” solution to Muslim Terrorists. Chuckie says it won’t work. What will work? Chuckie doesn’t know. So he doesn’t know what will work but Trumps solution is caught in Chuckies little gray cells and can’t make it into Chuckie’s brain.

Chuckie says what worked in the primaries for Trump won’t work in the General Election? Chuckie doesn’t or can’t explain himself so he invents a political statistical analysis that is designed to prove what Chuckie doesn’t know but thinks he knows. That’s false logic. That’s a faulty brain at work. That’s a clouded mind informing a brain blocked by the problem with doctors, the God Complex.

Lil Chuckie then misses the point about a sitting President campaigning. He knows Obama is condemning Trump when he should be above petty politics yet he refuses to condemn Obama, then, incredibly, Krauthammer helps Obama and Hillary by condemning Trump. Lil Chuckie continues to dig himself deeper into the flycrap pile by saying Trump is un-electable.

Krauthammer has indeed crossed over many lines he should have known were wrong. It’s not the end of Trump but it[s the end of Krauthammer at FOX. Rodger Ailes, head of FOX, fired Dick Morris for being wrong about Romney beating Obama.

Ailes can get a headstart on the future and fire Krauthammer now.

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