Read the headline again. Reagan beat Mondale by getting 98% of the vote and Trump is ahead of Reagan. A side note, Hillary is more popular than Carter and much more popular than Mondale but Trump is beating her on the street. Forget the polls, Trump is winning. Forget the Pundits. Forget the Columnists. Forget the Editors. Forget FOX, Rodger Ailes, Megyn Kelly and Krauthammer. Those people don’t comprehend Trump. Even the pundits who get Trump don’t know how popular he is.

But time is Trumps problem if he wants to go it alone without the Republican National, State, County and Local Republican committees. He doesn’t, -but he might be able to get elected without the Republican organization but.
There isn’t enough time for Trump to put together a National Trump Committee Level Organization so no, Trump cannot win without the RNC.

Well, almost no.

Politics is done on the local level. The Republican National Committee doesn’t do local politics. Neither do the State Committees nor County committees. Grind-it-out-politics is done door-to-door. The local committee people do that. The local committee people put up the lawn signs a week or two before the election. Trump cannot put the signs on the lawns of America. That needs a “Local Committee”. He can’t get dedicated people at each polling place all day on election day. That needs dedicated “Local Committee People”.

The “Local Committee’s” are already in place but the RNC, not Donald Trump, controls them.

Donald Trump has a lot of money. Money can make a big difference. T.V. ads; billboard ads and ads in magazines cost money. But building an organization takes time. Money cannot buy time. It takes organization and management skill to build an effective campaign organization. Trump certainly has those skills and the money to build a nationwide organization but he doesn’t have enough time to build an organization that large.

Bottom line he needs the local committee people. He knows he needs them. So does the RNC. It isn’t a marriage made in heaven but it’s at least the girlfriend experience.

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