Has the man no shame? His insensitivity to Americans and especially to the gay Americans targeted by his favorite group, the followers of Islam in Orlando as the deep terror plot to murder innocent Americans in the name of Jihad became yet another assault by Obama on the Constitution and against Freedom, the cad.

He blames Islamic inspired Terror Attacks, not on the ideology followed by all of the terrorists who attacked American’s inside America but on the sin’s of Americans. The wretch.

He blames the Islamic inspired Orlando terror attack on guns. That’s worse than blaming WWII on bombers. Or on Hitlers book Mein Kampf. Is this guy able to think or does he just lie about anything to condemn America? He needs to check into a sanitarium.

The terrorist yelled Allah Akbar while slaughtering over four dozen gay people. He called the media and the police and told them he was acting for ISIS yet Obama’s brain cannot make the connection between the cause of the terror, the man committing the terror and the reasons he shouted while murdering 50 and maiming 53. How dumb is Obama for not mentioning the facts of the attack?

Obama can blame anything he wants but he will be wrong unless he blames the Koran; Islam and Muslims as a group. that’s how the terrorist described his own attack. At the very least we should take him at his word and tell Obama he’s been in the sun too long.

Obama failed to protect the American’s in Orlando. He’s desperately trying to spin the truth and blame anything he can except he has to blame himself because he’s ordered the FBI to not investigate Muslims.

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