He got it wrong when he attacked Conservatives, Right-Wingers and Gun Buyers when he said: “We don’t hear each other”. Why bother listening to the same old song?

We know Obama. We know he’s out to get revenge for slavery because that feeds his actions to diminish America and especially to diminish white Americas. We know this post racial president is the most racial president ever. There is a large racial element in the social battleground. We must neither deny it nor pretend otherwise.

Race is only a part of the onrushing disaster. America is no longer a country. The Left has succeeded in turning America into a battlefield. In a battle somebody has to win. The three ring circus of America is being propelled by a horrible combination of Goebbels, Ringling Brothers and Caligula. How out of whack is America? the President insists boys go in the girls room. How immature is Obama to get into the bathrooms of America? It’s a dysfunctional boys dream.

A country that desires a feral underclass to dictate the rules of culture, to practice “The Knockout Game”to disrupt rallies and fly the flag of Mexico, to jump on and burn cars can’t last. Look at the muck at the bottom of America’s sewers who are stupid, perhaps half-educated but without the norms of common decency who need to be stopped – hard – fast or America will follow them down the drain of history. America has had enough of the Left. America needs Trump now. It’s more than “Making America Great Again”. It’s taking America back from the Left ASAP.

We Know the Left. We know they are Socialist. We know they want our guns, our money and our freedoms. They constantly prove it. Everyday we constantly hear the same song from MSNBC, Huffington Post, the Daily Kos, Talkjng Points Memo, all of which describe Donald Trump as “pathetic” and “temperamentally unfit”. Why would we keep listening to them? Better to get on with our lives and at the very least, neither listen to nor hear them. Same for Obama who should hurry out of office.

We observe that Muslims are nothing but trouble anywhere, so Obama has imported more un-vetted Muslims and every year of his reign there has been a terror event in America.

We see diversity is the chief source of bitter strife in the world, so Obama opens the borders. We see Islamist Terrorists attacks, (See List Here:) so Obama refuses to mention the pepertrators. We see guns can help us defend ourselves so Obama has been going after our guns.

Guns are one measure of freedom. Perhaps they are the best way to measure the freedom of the people to at least speak out against the government. Other people aren’t the problem. No individual is a threat to the freedom of another but we can’t resist the powers of government.  

The Nazi’s went after the guns before they went after the Jews. Obama knows an armed people are more dangerous to a dictator than unarmed people so he’s going after the guns. Even worse, he’s already captured the bullets when he worked hard to stop making lead available. No longer are we free to make our own bullets. A gun without bullets is as useful as a bull without, ….lets say horns. You get the point.

The issue is not guns, it’s freedom. The best way to stop dissent is to disarm the people. Castro shot his way to power than banned the guns so no one could take away his power. He’s a dictator but he’s not stupid.

Neither is Obama. He’s anti-freedom because he’s anti-America and freedom is one of the markers of The United States.  

America can be divided on many things including guns, abortion, communism, and Islam but no one can feel safe when the freedom to dissent is threatened. A gun makes people safe partly because it’s a threat to those who want to take it away. The government is supposed to make people free. At the very least it means “don’t threaten our guns”. 

Our Unique Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is about serving in the military. That’s the reason every government agrees with the ability to “Bear Arms”. The well accepted meaning of the ability to bear arms is to serve in the army and use guns to shoot the enemy.

America’s Second Amendment added the word: “Keep” meaning the Right To Arm Oneself. All other Constitutions limit the use of guns to their use by the military. The Supreme Court finally ruled the Right to Arms is an individual Right, not a Right of the State. The individual, each one of us, separately, is free to decide who gets a gun and who doesn’t. It took the Supreme Court from 1789 to 2008, 219 years to finally figure out one of the basic meanings of the Second Amendment. See Heller v. District of Columbia, 554 U.S. 570. U.S. But it took two more years for the Supreme Court to figure out the Second Amendment also restricted the power of each State to control our guns. Even then it was a close decision. Five to four.

The Left and Obama counted on Extreme Liberal Socialist judges Ginsberg, Sotomayor, Stevens and Breyer to allow the States to act against the freedom to own a gun. It was a close thing but the Liberals kept trying to restrict freedom.

So Otis McDonald, a black man trying to keep himself safe tried to buy a pistol in Chicago. The city refused to allow him what the Second Amendment approved, a pistol. He sued Chicago. Five Supreme Court judges agreed with Otis. The same four who didn’t get it in 2008 in Heller still didn’t get it in 2010.

Judge Anton Scalia passed away so the Supreme Court has four judges who understand the importance of guns and their connections to freedom and four judges who don’t. The Gang of Four who don’t will strip the authority from the Second Amendment and the Federal Government will come for your guns. that’s why it’s vital to freedom to not elect Hillary, a corrupt and well-known adversary of freedom.

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