America is far to accommodating to it’s traitors, Fonda and Obama.

Fonda, you may remember sat in an anti-American anti-aircraft gun and raised her left fist in an anti-American protest. She actually sided with the Viet Cong and traveled to North Vietnam, to Hanoi at a time when the Viet Cong was killing American military personal. As for the success of anti-America protests by traitors like Fonda, John Kerry and others, Hanoi could not have been more pleased.

Fonda had a choice. She could have and should have supported the South Vietnamese who were struggling against the takeover of their country by Ho-Chi-Minh and his Viet Cong. Instead she supported the enemy of both South Vietnam and America. Vietnam is now a communist country without democracy. That’s how wrong Fonda was.

Obama is rewarding Vietnam, a country that defeated America when America had won a military victory. He might as well duplicate Fonda’s treachery by sitting in the same anti-American anti-aircraft gun that Fonda used.

The 93 million Vietnamese have no individual rights. The one-party Socialist government restricts all human rights. This is where Obama decided to go which will make it easier for the one party communist Socialist government to continue to oppress it’s people.

It’s well known that Obama want’s to make America small by bowing low to Japan’s rather small in stature Emperor in 2009. Now the cad is going to Hiroshima where along with the final bomb of WWII, America ended the War with Japan that Japan began at Pearl Harbor.

What’s wrong with the man??

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