The two leaders bonded decades ago in their fight against “The West” including, especially, America.

Dinesh D’Souza missed the Putin/Obama connection in his book: “America”. He also missed the Putin/Ayres and the Putin Valerie Jarret connections as well as the continued submersion of the historical record between FDR and Stalin, a connection that included Truman and Eisenhower who together kept the records secret.

What records? Well, at least of 500 agents that were loyal to Russia and Stalin who were working in the United States government. Those records are still classified in America but were available briefly in 1992 in Russia. One important fact is the invasion of Poland by Russia, an invasion that’s been officially denied in Russia and that is never talked about in America. The post-war trials in Nuremburg were redacted of the Russian planned invasion and no testimony about that was allowed at the trial because Russia and Stalin were BFF’s with Roosevelt. Nothing that could smudge up the reputation of Stalin is encountered in American history. The record “has gone missing” to be polite about it.

What about the 100 million bodies of the people murdered by Stalin and his fellow travelers. Where’s the condemnation of Russia as far back as Stalin and ending with Putin today? Why didn’t anyone help Ukraine keep Crimea?  

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