There’s no such a thing as a Right to Lie.

There’s no such Right as a Right To a Conflict of Interest.

Supervisor Barry Moore thinks the people of Northampton are stupid. He said: I voted for Rails To Trails in Upper Southampton and I’m keeping an open mind in Northampton. That’s impossible. He’s for something yet he wants us to believe he hasn’t made up his mind about it. He needs to either recuse himself or prove what he said and did in Upper Southampton was a mistake. Otherwise he’s guilty of a complete bias in favor of charging Northampton residents $4 million to build a trail for mostly out of town bicycle riders.

What’s telling two different stories about the same issue? Being in favor of Trails and not being in favor of Trails has a basis in the conflicted principles, values and virtues that guide the choices of Supervisor Moore. He’s a Northampton Supervisor full time. He votes in Northampton where he lives and he speaks the opposite beliefs at supervisor meetings in Upper Southampton where he has a business. How can he be in favor of something yet believe he’s not in favor of what he favored? That’s absurd.

Is it duplicity? Duplicity is worse than simple prevarication. Duplicity is lying for a hidden purpose. Duplicity by publicly favoring Trails in Upper Southampton while claiming to be neutral is a double deception and when the duplicity is done according to a secret agenda it raises duplicity to an even lower level called Deceit. He want’s Northampton to believe he’s neutral about approving the Rails To Trails project in Northampton while he enthusiastically supported Rails To Trails in Upper Southampton at a supervisors meeting there.

This is willful, purpose driven deceit. It’s not a casual oversight.

Supervisor Moore justified his position, saying he has a “Right To Speak” but that’s not the issue, it’s evidence of either more duplicity, perhaps the ignorance of what’s going on with the Trails issue or confirmation he really doesn’t get this conflict of interest stuff.

It’s duplicity. No one has a Right to be Duplicitous. The Supervisor’s mentation is coming under scrutiny because he failed to respond to the issue at hand and tried to change the subject into something completely irrelevant. He might as well tell us he has a right to lie, but of course he doesn’t have that Right either. No one does.

At the Northampton meeting free-riders spoke in favor of constructing yet another bicycle trail in Northampton, this one over top: the railroad tracks,the railroad ties and fist-sized rocks of the SEPTA tracks that cut right across Northampton township but none of them stepped up and said they would pay to construct, maintain or use it. Free Riders are the quintessential parasites who embrace Socialism, attempting to justify their demands by disguising them as “for the kids” or for the “common good” as long as someone else is paying for, in this case, a “trail” which is a misnomer because it’s a wide black macadam paved Million Dollar a Mile un-necessary, superfluous construction project on land that neither they nor SEPTA own.

SEPTA doesn’t own the land? Correct. At best they have an easement, a legal term that gives them the power to trespass which power expires when SEPTA ceases to use the easement for railroad purposes. When they abandoned rail service they abandoned the terms of the easement. The properties are no longer under the control of SEPTA.

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