“One if by land; two if by sea and I on the opposite shore will be, ….ready to ride and spread the alarm goes the famous poem that shows it’s almost impossible to stop the signal. Trump just sent a huge signal to the American Liberal Establishment. Will America know what to do?

Donald Trump is probably the most people savvy person ever to be elected to the presidency. He sent the signal. America is coming back. back where we belong, as the unquestioned beacon of the best place to be despite Barack Obama who is still in the psychological shock that often accompanies psychotic denial. He can’t get it. He’s going to live in Washington DC where he will continue to torment Americans and sleep with our enemies. The man’s a blockhead. Why doesn’t Michelle explain to him what just happened to him, his legacy and his wrong value system?
Obama resorted to wishful thinking as a coping mechanism. That’s a psychological condition that afflicts people for example who are grieving a major loss. Obama is not immune.

For a little over an hour yesterday afternoon, Americans saw a 55-year-old who has not come to grips with just how big a blow Trump’s victory is to his legacy and his party. He rationalized. He downplayed. He justified. He minimized. With all the trappings of the presidency still his, it hasn’t fully sunk in yet. And it might not for 66 more days, when Trump gets sworn in on the West Front of the Capitol — and Obama begins living as a civilian in Kalorama./span>

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