Who cares, really? Her interview of the presumptive 45th President was a big FOX Flop. Kelly failed to ask anything of substance proving she’s not up to the job. Trump came over as a leader in control of a reporter-ette. Kelly diminished herself, she didn’t need Trump to show the viewers how little substance she has.

There are loads of attractive women with better qualifications than Kelly. Some are working at FOX, others are in just about every big city that has a news or weather reporting program with an attractive woman. In Philly, a big city in the shadow of Manhattan is Cesily Tynan, a regular who does a great job of reporting the weather and who has appeared as the head of the major parades, the Flower show and numerous events in and around the city. Tynan could replace Kelly and walk on to FOX right now.

Kelly has a nice set of attributes but she’s not so unique but she lost her credibility. Time for FOX to replace her.

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