The moon travels around the earth about once every 29 and a half days. The earth travels around the sun about once every 365 and a quarter days. Dividing the exact numbers of 365.24 days by 29.53 days shows the full moon will happen 12.37 times every year. What does the .37 times mean?

It means once every two or three years there will be two full moons in one month. The “extra” full moon is called “a Blue Moon”. No big deal -except for the folks who deal in superstition. 

Superstitious people sort of “connect” things to other things. Some connect the “extra” moon to the mating urge and they believe it makes romance either better or worse. The idea that the orbits of the moon and the earth explain why there are two full moons in one month never occurs to them. In reality there’s no such thing as a Blue Moon.

In romance things that seem unusual are often used as ways to explain other things. If someone proposes marriage during a Blue Moon, superstitious people connect those events and attach the idea that it means something more than just the timing of the positions of the moon and the sun. It’s made to be important when it has no importance at all.

Some people like to believe. Whether or not their belief is correct or true may be too difficult for them to  explain so superstition becomes their belief. That’s a lot of information to explain why a Blue Moon means nothing at all. You can enjoy a lot of things and a full moon is one of them. You can believe a lot of things too but belief doesn’t prove anything, … except that some people will believe nonsense…….. like a Blue Moon. 

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