The law requiring the President to inform Congress in advance of the release of a Gitmo prisoner was five times violated when five battle-hardened enemies of America were released from Gitmo and flown free of charge to Qatar. They are free to do whatever they want while they stay there for a year.

Attacks against Americans can be organized everywhere on earth except inside Gitmo. Everywhere except Gitmo includes Qatar. Cell phone service in Qatar is suburb. So is the Internet.

Computers works really really well in Qatar. The five man Gitmo Gang can operate their own drones from there.

Releasing them is insanity. Allowing them to be free in Qatar is putting every American in danger because the Gitmo Gang want’s them dead. D – E – A – D.

That’s why they were in Gitmo. The Gitmo Gang are top recruiters, organizers and Terrorists. That’s why they were in Gitmo.

President Obama want’s to release every Gitmo Prisoner. Danger to America? Sure. He’s in favor of that. Down with America explains his motivation.

How could The President hurt America? He did it by releasing the five top terrorists.


Dingy Dirty Harry Reid want’s to help bring down America by stopping speech. Money provides an amplifier to an individual voice. Campaign speech is more than talk. It’s action.

Money buys political clout. Political clout is preserved by Free Speech. Reid wants to stop that. HERE.

These are really bad people for America.

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