Bucks County and Northampton politics are loaded against the property owner. Local “regulation” frequently crosses the border from legitimate police power to a taking that requires just compensation for the owners who were adversely affected when the railroads came to the county.

The Newtown – Fox Chase – Philadelphia Airport line is a great example of the utter waste of time and money planning to get people from Newtown to the airport.

Route 95 goes from Newtown to the Philadelphia Airport faster than the train. People can catch a flight at Trenton Airport and catch an International Flight at JFK.

Using the railroad to go from Newtown to JFK would be an utter waste of time compared to simply driving to any airport.

Rail service was stopped in 1983 because 15 of the 17 Rail Diesel Cars were broken and bus’s were used instead of trains. That was 33 years ago and today people use cars to go from Newtown to the airport.

Imagine sitting on the train while it makes the 31 stops to travel from Newtown to Terminal E. Here are the proposed stations at which the train would have to stop.
Philadelphia Airport Line ~ Fox Chase Line ~ Newtown Line
1. Newtown, PA
2. Newtown Bypass, PA
3. Village Shires, PA
4. Holland, PA
5. Churchville, PA
6. Southampton, PA
7. County Line, PA
8. Woodmont, PA
9. Bryn Athyn, PA
10. Bethayres, PA
11. Walnut Hill, PA
12. Fox Chase, PA
13. Ryers, PA
14. Cheltenham, PA
15. Lawndale, PA
16. Olney, PA
17. Fisher, PA
18. Wayne Junction, PA
19. Philadelphia, PA – North Broad (PHN)
20. Temple University, PA
21. Girard Avenue, PA
22. Philadelphia, PA – Market East
23. Philadelphia, PA – Suburban Station
24. Philadelphia, PA – 30th Street Station (PHL)
25. University City, PA
26. South 58th Street, PA
27. Eastwick, PA
28. Terminal A, PA
29. Terminal B, PA
30. Terminal C & D, PA
31. Terminal E & F, PA

CONRAIL and SEPTA lose money on passenger service. They need freight business to survive but CONTAINERS are much more efficient for most businesses and CONTAINERS are moved by trucks.

Trucks have taken over much of the Railroad Freight Business.

As more and more manufacturing left America there is less and less need for railroads to transport manufactured goods. Aircraft, ships and trucks carry most of the freight from factories to businesses and consumers. the Steam Locomotive was replaced by the Diesel Locomotive and they were replaced in turn by diesel powered trucks. Just like the horse drawn wagons were replaced by the steam locomotive, the locomotives have been replaced too. The Fox Chase Line is gone, never to return,

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