His first name is pronounced Hor-hay. That’s the value of Phonics. It shows how to pronounce words. Jorge is a Spanish name that’s pronounced Hor-hay. Jorge Ramos pronounced Hor-hay is a bigoted ill-mannered anti-American Activist who disrespects American Law. He was told to shut up until it was his turn to talk to Donald Trump but Hor-hay refused to sit down and shut up so security removed him. He re-entered and waited until it was his turn so Trump publicly talked to him even though Hor-hay was only supposed to ask questions. Donald Trump paid for the room, the sound system and the microphone so Hor-hay had to follow Trump’s rules.

Evan Osnos is another anti-American bigot who dislikes and therefore attacks white Americans. Evan gained his anti-American credentials from Harvard and The New Yorker Magazine. Neither Hor-ha nor Evan respect the law and both absolutely hate Caucasians. They insist -despite the evidence -that illegal immigrants cost more than deporting them which they claim is impossible. Well, if 1,000 INS employees process 10 illegal immigrants a day for three years 11 million illegal immigrants will be processed and therefore deported from the United States. Three years. Gone. Problem solved. That’s the arithmetic and that’s how easy it is. In fact the arithmetic shows that one INS worker can process more than 10 illegal immigrants per day for deportation. So 3,000 INS workers can process 11 million immigrants in 367 days. One year. 11 million gone. One year. That’s how easy it is to deport all 11 million illegals and why Donald Trump is a hero for bringing it up. If Mexico doesn’t what to pay us for their citizens we can bring a U.S. Navy Carrier group to the West Coast of Mexico until they get the message.

If an Illegal Immigrant refuses to tell us what country they came from then we get to pick the country to which they will be sent. If Illegal Immigrants are so great as Hor-hay claims there must be a lot of countries that will take them. But we know Hor-hay is wrong. Almost no country want’s illegal immigrants. In that case America can offer $10,000 per illegal worker to any country who will accept an illegal immigrant. If Mexico refuses to allow immigrants to return to Mexico then Mexico can at least be billed for the cost of each illegal Mexican immigrant.

Ann Coulter validates the number of illegal immigrants in America illegally is higher than 20 million and may be as high as 40 to 50 million. Deporting them is the least expensive way to remake America into a country with residents who follow the law but a wall must be built first, otherwise more and more illegal immigrants will continue to stream into a country that is no longer a country because a country without borders is not a country.

How much does one illegal immigrant cost American taxpayers? Strangely enough no one on the Left seems able to calculate it. What’s the cost of paying for one child in the public school system. That’s $195,000 at $15,000’s a year for 13 years. Welfare, 40% of illegal immigrants use some form of welfare, often for their entire lives, including using the emergency rooms to obtain routine medical care.

Deporting illegal immigrants is a winning tactic for Americans. The sooner the better.

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