Obama isn’t planning to go to Nanking but he should because it’s one of the greatest human disasters ever and it was committed by Japan.

From December 13, 1937 until January 1938 the Japanese military killed about 300,000 people in Nanking, China. The total number of people murdered is in doubt since accurate records were almost impossible to compile, According to the verdict of the Nanjing War Crimes Tribunal on 10 March 1947, there are “more than 190,000 mass slaughtered civilians and Chinese soldiers killed by machine gun by the Japanese army, whose corpses have been burned to destroy proof. Besides, we count more than 150,000 victims of barbarian acts buried by the charity organizations. We thus have a total of more than 300,000 victims.”

If Obama stands for justice he needs to step up and condemn Japan before apologizing to it for America’s attempt to stop WWII by dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Incredibly, Japan refused to surrender after Hiroshima making it necessary to drop a second atomic bomb on Nagasaki. Still the Japanese refused to surrender. Finally, nine days after Hiroshima Japan surrendered. Fewer people were killed by the two nuclear bombs than the Japanese killed in Nanking. Obama should fly first to Nanking. It’s only about 90 minutes flying time and it would help him keep the greatness of America in mind, although he just can’t seem to do that.

And lets remember the Japanese sneak attack against Pearl Harbor when America was not at war with Japan. Will Obama mention that in his apology tour to Japan? No. Obama is a disgraceful American.

And America warned the Japanese by dropping leaflets warning the Japanese to EVACUATE YOUR CITIES. A copy of the leaflet is HERE.

Japan never warned America before bombing Pearl Harbor yet Obama is going to honor Japan at Hiroshima. Remember. Before Hiroshima was bombed the Japanese were going to slaughter Americans when we invaded Japan to try to stop World War Two instead of praising America.

Obama is a failed American.

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