Bicycling is part of the solution to climate change and an important part of the transportation system. “The emergence of Climate Action Planning represents a genuine opportunity for action on bicycling initiatives,” says Michael Boswell, Professor of City Planning at California Polytechnic State University and a bicycling advocate, “Climate planning is yet another place that we can get in the right message about bicycling.”

Who knew? Who knew SEPTA and Northampton would be part of the solution to Global Warming? Makes sense, right? Getting people out of their cars and onto bicycles is supported by no less an organization than the United Nations. Can’t argue with the UN, right?

Wrong. The US Supreme court can and has ruled that land taken from the owners, and the owners are not SEPTA because they were never given the power to use the land except for a railroad and they have abandoned it’s use for a railroad so the land’s use reverts to the adjacent property owners. SEPTA doesn’t want to give up the land even though they abandoned it and the use of cars by residents has increased so much that SEPTA has no possibility to use the railroad to provide railroad service, they refuse to give it up.

This is unfair to the adjacent property owners and the people who want to ride bicycles or run, jog or  walk aren’t willing to pay to get what they want. Travel in your car. Exercise somewhere else. 



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