“In fact, history shows: “America as a sovereign country was founded in violence, righteous violence,”

Disavowing the Entry is the Disgrace

Just as Charlottesville is eternally imprinted into the American psyche as “the deadly white-supremacist rally,” this week’s pro-Trump, anti-elite protest in Washington is successfully being tarnished as “mob violence” and “a siege.” The pearl-clutching is pretty epic, even for a postmodern people.

“Trump loyalists stormed the Capitol” and “rioters breached security,” go the contrived commentaries with their carefully framed inflammatory verbs. It was a “disturbing, deadly insurrection” perpetrated by “extremists,” and a even a “coup” attempted by “white supremacists.”

“Imagine how many more folks would’ve died had the protesters been black,” screech the blue checks on Twitter. Well, I can answer that confidently: zero. Armed black men have “invaded” a capitol before, and no one died.

Of course, let’s not forget that BLM riots raged for six months and not one black person was killed. Yet, four DC protesters are dead at the hands of federal police, including Ashli Babbitt and three others who expired from “medical emergencies,” whatever that means.

But the white Air Force veteran won’t be eternally lauded like Heather Heyer, the nearly sainted fat feminist who had a heart attack in Charlottesville. Nor will Babbitt ever be deified like amateur porn star and armed robber George Floyd.

On bent knee, the Leviathan would’ve rolled out the kente-fringed red carpet for black Americans, and maybe even a rainbow-bunted rug for their marginalized LGBT comrades. All intellectually honest people know it’s true, although they may not admit it publicly.

Which brings me to the related issues of capitulation and cowardice. Sure, the double standard within the media-government complex is renowned among wise consumers of “news.” We get that the weaker and more compliant are journalists, corporate goons, and politicians, the better are their chances to crawl their way just a smidgen above the herds of pathetic but powerful mediocrities.

What is troubling is that fomenting of the agitprop isn’t just coming from these usual suspects, but is being disseminated by some on “the right.” I expect this kind of effete behavior from Rod Dreher. But Pat Buchanan?

The granddaddy populist described the protest as “a disgrace and a debacle,” while Betsy Clarke, a contributor to the paleocon periodical Chronicles, echoed that the actions of the pro-Trump supporters were “disgraceful.” Nope, they were glorious and long overdue.

Buchanan worries that the events will be “forever exploited to discredit not only Trump but the movement he led and the achievements of his presidency.” And Ann Coulter tweeted that “this will be used FOREVER against conservatives.” How can these smart politicos not grasp that the leftist-fabricated narratives endure precisely because those on the right allow them to even take root?

Charlottesville only became forever pegged as “the deadly white-supremacist rally” because nearly every conservative spent his precious time disavowing Unite the Right, which in turn overshadowed the extremely valid reasons the event was organized in the first place: to defend Southern monuments, to advocate for free speech, and to oppose cultural Marxism. Thus, the right inadvertently helped to craft the bludgeon by which it is constantly struck.

Sadly, conservatives and liberty-lovers, save for a few outliers like the fiery Ilana Mercer, are giving the left ample ammo yet again. Can’t they now see (with the benefit of more than three years hindsight) that maybe, just maybe if more good people had defended UTR, “Charlottesville” might not have morphed into the watershed moment for ringing in the epoch of anarcho-tyranny and its ensuing anti-racist hellscape?

Don’t punch right. Learn from the left. They are masters at staying on point and never getting distracted by the details or apologies or nuance or even facts, which are still spotty concerning the DC events.

This is an information war, so never cede an inch of ground to the enemy. Ever. You can even turn what some insist is bad optics into a win, but only if you stay on the offensive and on point: that Americans are finally grasping that the Great American Experiment is imploding and that centralization is inherently corrupt.

I know it’s a bitter pill for some, but turns out that what Southerners have been saying for more than 160 years is spot on. Embrace it.

So when Alex Jones gets sidetracked, saying that QAnon was led astray by Antifa and the “storming of the Capitol” will forever besmirch the liberty movement, I see this as highly counterproductive. Maybe if he didn’t spend all day Friday trying to distance himself from the protesters and interviewing people claiming the events were akin to 9/11, he could co-opt the “storming the Capitol” narrative, turning the progressive misinformation on its head.

Now these are two examples of good optics and how you win the information war.

Even Buchanan says a 9/11 comparison is “malicious hyperbole, establishment propaganda,” just like Chuckie Schumer’s claim that the protest was like Pearl Harbor. I mean, c’mon. We should mercilessly mock this “pseudo-reality,” as James Lindsay calls it, not give it fuel. Stop reinforcing the establishment narrative. Stop carrying the water for Babylon, and instead help to douse out the demonic fire that burns hottest in the belly of the beast.

I know we’re tired of being vilified, but we non-leftists must pull our tails from between our legs and boldly celebrate the fact that the very people who are empowered and enriched by mass democracy and forever wars and our oppression were this week cowering under their desks. Good optics? Check.

Celebrate that the politicians who praised the anti-white, anti-Southern, and anti-civilization BLM riots, encouraged the leftist mobs to take it to the suburbs and rural communities, ignored small-business owners who called out the wanton destruction, and maligned any patriot who had the cojones to use guns in self-defense of life and property are now the ones who are scared. Bruce Willis really says it best in Die Hard, “Welcome to the party, pal.” Good optics? Check.

Celebrate that a Battle Flag was “carried triumphantly inside this most anti-Confederate landmark.” Whether or not the picture below is a fake (which is the going rumor), it should warm our rebel hearts that triggered elitists see it as “a symbolic gut-punch.” Gloriously good optics? Oh yeah.

Celebrate that Capitol events were way more in line with “the Founders,” who are incessantly bandied about by Congress, but always in the pursuit of increasing the size and scope of the state and in decreasing your freedom. Don’t parrot that the protest was “sedition,” but rather declare that it was a win for sanity. I’m confident that America’s Revolutionary War heroes would be pleased as punch that the deep-state dwellers in our far-away capital were shaking in their boots.

I mean, for an ideology that’s constantly citing Thomas Jefferson and his “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants” quote, its supposed conservative adherents sure are squeamish about “doing liberty shit,” as one tweet succinctly put it.

In predictable fashion, globalist powers wagged their totalitarian fingers at the American deplorables. From India, the world’s “oldest democracy [is] in crisis.” From France, it was “the day America’s democracy fractured.” From Portugal, “Trump supporters attack the heart of American democracy.” And from Germany, “American democracy will prove to be much stronger than the aggressors and rioters.”

Sen. Josh Hawley gestures support to Capitol protesters on Wednesday. Since then, Simon & Schuster “decided to cancel publication of Senator Hawley’s forthcoming book ‘The Tyranny of Big Tech’” due to “his role in what became a dangerous threat to our democracy and freedom.” We should definitely have this Republican renegade’s back, too.

Bad American history is to be expected from foreigners, but many US “patriots” echoed the same kind of miseducated pronouncements. Sen. Ted Cruz castigated the “despicable terrorists” for threatening our “citadel of democracy.” James Mattis, former defense secretary under Trump, declared that the “violent assault on our Capitol [was] an effort to subjugate American democracy by mob rule.”

At least when Buchanan called the protest a “mob occupation and desecration of the temple of the American Republic,” he got what is supposed to be our form of government correct. But really, what should be decried is the worship of tyrannical centralized power that would shock even “Mr. Nationalize Everything” Alexander Hamilton. If the state is our religion and the US Capitol its “sacred place,” consider me an atheist.

Whether through its egalitarian schemes, regulatory control, taxation, war-on-terror tactics, or covid hysteria, the criminal class in DC and in too many of our state capitols (along with their foot soldiers in law and medicine, legacy media, big tech, academia, and woke capitalism) has taken away your speech. Your jobs. Your right to self-defense. Your history. Your culture. Your freedom of movement. Your friends and family through the social shaming of people with politically incorrect thought. Your church and your life’s rewarding recreations. In a word, your liberty.

Yet, some conservative pundits are still chirping about “law and order” and muh Constitution. How tone deaf do you have to be?

There is no room for purism. Just study what happened to Shenandoah Valley’s neutral civilians when Union General Philip Sheridan marched in and carried out The Burning. The empire isn’t interested in “unity,” y’all. It wants your soul.

“The Constitution controls, not the mob,” stated Sen. Lindsey Graham. But for people who didn’t already realize that that document was murdered and buried more than 160 years ago, they saw with their own eyes in 2020 that violence is indeed how at least some people get what they want.

And they also witnessed that the electoral process in which they’d put so much faith for so long is a complete mirage. So, they took note of the politicos, talking heads, corporate cronies, and churched leftists assuring the masses nonstop that MLK was correct in describing that “A riot is the language of the unheard.”

In fact, history shows us that “America as a sovereign country was founded in violence, righteous violence,” explained DM guest columnist Jack Kerwick. I say, the DC protesters were indeed exhibiting the “Spirit of ’76” there in the shadow of the “Statue of Freedom,” which crowns the dome of the diseased American “temple.”

And the fact that she stands upon a globe etched with the moribund motto “E pluribus unum” (Out of many, one) that is propped up by fasces, I think that makes resistance even more palatable for patriots. Good history and logic? Check and check.

If you must condemn violence, you must also condemn the Founders. You must condemn the occupying centralized Lincolnian nation-state which was built upon total war against Southern civilians, including the elderly, women, and children, as well as the destruction of the Plains Indians. You must condemn the US empire and its deadly welfare-warfare complex, which is subsidized through theft at the point of a gun.

You must condemn BLM-Antifa. The “peaceful protesters” at Charlottesville. And the censorship, cancel culture, and “hate speech” laws that create an environment where violence appears to be the only option. But to do so is in fact to condemn the state, which puts us right back at square one. See how that works? I say, knock that golden calf from its undeserving pedestal, or support those who are willing to do so.

A friend pointed out to me that the Capitol protest took place on the Christian feast of Epiphany, which means “to reveal.” Normies aren’t “spitting out their red pills,” as some libertarians claim. The realization that the empire is not their friend or keeper cannot be undone.

Nor are the 74 million pissed-off patriots saddened by this “challenge to a symbol of national power.” Indeed, that was the whole point of the event: to push back against the state and the fraudulent institutions it has used to buttress our dysfunctional, dangerous, and degenerate society, and demean the good people within it.

They’re done being rubes of the new-world religion. So, rather than scolding the newly red-pilled who are ready to gulp down the whole damn bottle, let’s exhibit some strength … sans all the cucked disclaimers.

Solidarity really is the only thing, other than prayer and God’s will, that can help us withstand the postmodern assault that is not going to let us alone. So, let’s stir what Rudyard Kipling described in his poem, “The Beginnings“: an altruistic and peaceable people finally tapping into their angst in order to oppose a sinister enemy and bring forth a new era. Amen and awomen: the jig is up. And it’s about damn time.

The Capitol protests were not a “shameful episode.” They were highly necessary. As opposed to getting fired from his job for taking over Nancy Pelosi’s office, this patriot should be given a medal.

Unless you like the status quo, you should defiantly defend these true justice warriors, as opposed to disavowing them. Be compatriots, not compromisers. Now is the time to harden that skill. We’ll need it in the turbulent days to come.

Don’t denounce, distance, or deny. Don’t make the same weak-kneed, virtue-signaling mistakes made by too many after Charlottesville, forever solidifying the progressive mythos. Think big picture, people; don’t get lost in the weeds.

Instead, unapologetically back the protesters and their redress of grievances. It’s the right move to disempowering the beast and throwing off the continuing domestic war and coming amped-up sieges on community and tradition, faith and family, history and localism. Anything less, that is the disgrace.

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