The power of religion is great partly because people trust it.
But it’s easy to manipulate people via religion as we see with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev Billy Graham.

Religion is useful to control people by leaders who want to use religion to those ends. Look at ISIS.

Religious leaders however do not have as much power–as leaders– than the power of government leaders.

That’s why the founders tried to separate and to keep government away from religion. It hasn’t worked perfectly but it mostly works.

Public schools however are run by the state. For religion to be taught or supported in a government school would eventually bring religion under the control of the government because no religion has the physical power to overcome the state.

It’s very dangerous to push to get religion into the public government schools. It would then be under the control of people like Obama or Hillary but even if it was under the control of someone like Billy Graham, the government would have the final say. That’s why religious people should be up front in the battle to keep religion, prayer and God separate from the public schools

Life can be difficult enough but for some people they need to be led to the promised land. Religion is a time-worn and time-proven method that few really escape. For some, religion represents a great danger, as we see everyday with the people who justify mass murder with religion. Don’t be mis-led by drawing distinctions among and between religions. The essence is the common concept among all of them and because of which they are religions.

What’s the distinguishing characteristic that all religions have in common? Loads of thoughts about that but it’s the difference between the Universe which is real and knowable and the Supernatural which is of such great utility for the religions.  &#248

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