Pat Buchanan has a column in the UNZ REVIEW that seemingly speaks to American aggression against Russia’s threats to take over Lithuania which Buchanan seems to believe is none of America’s business. What’s to say that Russia has no business taking over Lithuania? No one did anything to stop Russia and Putin taking a large part of Ukraine, the Crimea part which includes Yalta where Roosevelt and Churchill met with Stalin to divide up Europe after the defeat of Germany in WWII.

Back to the Russian buzzing American Warships in the Baltic sea. Why did Russia do that? To show America that American warships in the opinion of Vladimir Putin, are operating too close to Russia and that Russia takes the presence of American warships so close to Russia that Russia takes it as a threat or at least that America has insufficient reasons to operate American warships so close to Russia.

Imagine American fighters buzzing Russian warships off the coast of New Jersey. Imagine if the present buzzing of American warships by Russia triggered the buzzing of Russian warships in the Baltic sea. What would the message of America to Russia be? That would be the same as Russian fighters buzzing American warships near Miami.

American warships are, in the opinion of Russia, operating too close to Russia. Russia is wrong to do that because the Baltic sea is considered International Waters where any ship of any nation can operate. Russia however doesn’t have to like it and buzzing ships is a good way to send that signal to America. America on the other hand is free to buzz Russian ships in International Waters to show American strength as well as the determination of America to try to protect Lithuania as well as Latvia and Estonia, three nations that were taken over

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