You don’t have to register for either of the two parties. Bucks County lists over one hundred different parties with names like “No Party”, “Crooked Party” and many whose name is the same as the surname of the person registering to vote. You can register as often as you want.

Each time you register, the local Democratic and Republican party bosses will be notified. They don’t really care unless you register into their party. the registration information is public. Anyone can call the Board of Elections to find out which party you joined. Wyy would you join either party? One reason, to vote in a “Primary Election” which is misnamed. It should be called “The Two Party Election” because that’s the only purpose of holding a “Primary”.

A Political Party is nothing more than a private club that is getting the taxpayers to pay for their election of officers and representatives of their party. The trick is often covered up by putting a “Question” on the Primary Ballot to further hide the fact that the purpose is political, not governmental.

Trump “Won” the Republican Primary because people voted for him to be President but that vote didn’t count as the election of the President. It was a “Guide” to the Political Party, not a vote for the President. It’s just a trick used to help continue to get citizens to “vote” in a rather useless to the people election because it’s only to get the insiders into party office. None of the votes for any of the government offices are really votes. Only the “General Election” votes elect people to government office.

The swindle continues even in the “General Election”. The “Insider” party people call the General Election by other names too. This year they call it a “Presidential” election. Other times they call it a “Municipal Election” to discuise the fact that’s it’s the only election where the votes count to really elect someone to government office.

Even the language is misleading. Most people think elections are about politics when only the “Primary” elections are purely political. Most of the media simply go along with the swindle by calling for peole to get out and vote in the Primary Election perhaps not even realizing that the Primary Election is simply to elect politicians, not government officers. .

Most people register once and never change. People who move know they must notify the local Board of Elections of their new address but most of them simply use their new address but don’t change the name of their political party.

But the purpose of voter registration is simply to register, not to also register as Republican or Democrat. You can always change to Republican to vote in the primary then promptly change back to “Outsider” or whatever party name you decide to be. The Board of Elections must change the record to show the political party and they must show the political party you write on the registration form.

Want to register as “Black” or “Hillary” party? Nothing can stop you.

It’s sort of a meaningless gesture and unless something is done to tell people about your so-called party registration, nothing will happen except the Board of Elections will send you a little registration card. On the other hand, you can advertise the name of your party, for whatever purpose you want.

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