He’s in power until January 2017 but he’s already ruined America more than any other President. America cannot recover from the damage to Health Insurance and to the Health care system caused by the biggest American Dictator in history. The “Rollout” was a disaster. The disaster should not have happened but it did. It was caused by Obama’s incompetence yet Obama refuses to acknowledge what he did wrong. He’s on a high, ripping apart his own organization without realizing his deceptions are the cause. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Kathleen Sibelius are big parts of the massive roll out mistakes but Sibelius reports to and is managed by the Great One. America’s answer to Chairman Mao.

The American Medical System should not have been taken over by Obama and Chief Justice Roberts was massively wrong to call it a tax. It’s an entire totalitarian style medical system.

Even so, there are loads of Socialist Medicine Systems that work far better than Obamacare. Canada, a system full of non-Capitalist inefficiencies works far better than the Obama Roll Out. So do all of the European systems. They were all available for guidance. Obama failed to consider them. More accurately the people he had in place to do the work failed to figure all this out but the workers in government can only do what they are directed to do and in the case of Obama, there was only an empty suit posing for group selfies in South Africa while not doing the job he should have been doing.

Charles Krauthammer wrote about some of the more obvious Obama Failures.  Obama intended Obamacare would completely demolish the way that American medicine was run up until now. Krauthammer said: “people would be driven out of their plans. Next year, tens of millions are going to lose employer plans. If you want to keep a doctor, you can’t. ” You cannot keep your doctor, your network of doctors, your hospital, your drug insurance. All is lost because of Big Brother Barack. What a tragedy. What a farce.

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