The Obama Campaign looked at the private data in the box on top of your TV set. They also had access to 34 million+ facebook fans and 24+ million followers on twitter. They sent 30 to 40 tweets from @BarackObama daily. Author Johnathan Alter wrote that the Obama campaign combined lists of whatever info they could collect such as school graduates, church memberships, voter registration lists, voting history lists, (Bucks County will sell you a list on a CD for $20), military discharge data, gun buying applications, lists of gun owners, people with gun permits, drivers license info and more. Those lists were added to the set top box info to find out what shows you watched on cable and you were put into a mathematical equation that spit out which shows to advertise on to get you to vote for Barack. It micro-targeted TV commercials to get you to vote for Obama. (Here). It worked. More people voted for Obama. He won. Did any Fourth Amendment Right to Privacy violations happen on the way to that victory?

Fast foreword to Edward Snowden (Here) who found out about the micro-targeting of everyone including for example, Angela Merkle. Snowden is fortunate for now. He managed to escape to Russia but the U.S. will get him back and put him in jail for a long time or worse to make an example of why you must not cheat The Big Brothers.

The Obama Tech Team members are about to cash in. See (NYTIMES) but don’t think this is easy. They are called Quants which means they are math whizzes who feel at home with equations only a few people can understand. Most people can’t do calculus, let alone calculate the future prices of stocks but that’s almost child’s play for the Obama Tech team.

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