Trump knows NATO was formed to stop the USSR — which collapsed when Gorbechev resigned December 25, 1991. What is NATO supposed to do 25 years after the reason it was created disappeared? 

Why should America pay to keep Europe safe from, ….. well what is so dangerous to America that taxpayers must be taxed to pay for it? Why should America care that this or that European country collapses from too much debt? Trump knows why. We shouldn’t pay, they should. The Liberals, the Progressives, Obama, Bernie and Hilldebeest disagree. Europe must be protected and America must do it. 


America can protect America. Europe or Europeans can protect Europe and everyone must join in to defeat ISIS. In turn all that requires is a diplomatic effort. That’s as simple as diplomats and a meeting place for the representatives of the NATO countries. America doesn’t need American troops residing in Germany, Lithuania or Ukraine. Stupidly, NATO doesn’t include Ukraine. Trump comprehends all that and says to Europe: It’s Time For You To Pay Up to Defend Yourselves.  

America has no duty to protect or defend Europe nor to protect the Rights of Europeans. Trump knows that viscerally. Critically for a President he knows and agrees “Under a Trump administration, no American citizen will ever again feel that their needs come second to the citizens of foreign countries.” That puts NATO in perspective for Americans who know Europe must defend Europe. Germany and Ukraine must defend Germany and Ukraine and that defense must be borne by Germany and Ukraine respectively, not America.

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