FOX is in the tank for Cruz. Me-Me-Megyn Kelly had Carly on her show almost as soon as Carly was introduced as the VP-not and FOX is hyping the Indiana Republican Party Primary on May 5th as the keystone needed to defeat Trump. Who knew?

FOX is making a big deal out of Carly being picked to be the Vice President under Cruz but he can no more pick the Queen as he can pick a Vice President Candidate, at least not until HE wins the Republican Nomination with 1,237 delegates and that’s not happening. He knows he cannot win that many delegates by campaigning in the remaining states so he pulled a cheap trick and named Unwitting Carly Fiorina his Vice President just to get some attention to his failing campaign.

It’s a madcap move by a frantic and desperate candidate. Cruz is supposed to be smart. Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz called him one of the smartest students but there are plenty of things Cruz cannot figure out. One is what to do to get elected President. So far he has not figured out that one. He’s losing his attempt to be the Republican nominee. He can’t win enough delegates and he is not liked enough by Republican leaders to get picked at the convention. He lost. He’s done.

Carly won’t help because she can’t help. No one can help Crazy Cruz get enough delegates to win on the first ballot and he will do worse on every subsequent ballot.

Carly needs to dump that guy and fast.   

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