Dumb. Look at and listen to the people who support flag banning as a way to help black people get ahead. Dumb. Ignorant and Bigoted. Is that a surprise?

It shouldn’t be. During the Vietnam War draft dodgers burned the American Flag as a protest against the idea of war as a way to solve problems. The Supreme court agreed. It’s OK to burn the American flag. they didn’t rule on the wisdom of burning the flag, just that if that’s what you want to do the law isn’t interested. Same for banning the Confederate flag. Only the bigots who hate white people want to do it.

No one expects the behaviors of black people to change from hate whitey to love whitey when the Confederate Flags are banned. that’s because the crimes in the inner cities are not about the Confederate flag. Banning the flag is a racial irrelevantcy. It won’t hurt the blacks and the whites really don’t care except they are amused at the idea it will help black people. It won’t.

Banning the Confederate flag, isn’t connected to the use of the flag to promote slavery. It never did that nor did it represent that. It was a banner to distinguish the Confederate soldiers on the battlefield. That’s all it was. It didn’t help defeat the North nor did it help the South win the Civil war.

It the black people wanted to help themselves they would welcome the Confederate Battle Flag as a way to identify people who lost a war. A way to identify people who don’t like big government. But the flag ban people and the flag burn people aren’t going to be found guilty of having common sense.

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