Back in the early ’70’s China’s cities were full of the noise of bicycle bells as millions of people pedaled about their daily tasks. Today, most Chinese can afford a car so the bikes have almost disappeared. Compare that with regressive increases in bicycles in New York City where a government hostile to progress is trying to force people out of┬ácars and onto bikes.

Bloomberg, that bullet from the 16th century, added 6,000 bicycles to Manhattan and the people are incensed. A citizen revolt is shaping up to stop Mad Michael Bloomberg’s latest intellectual ejaculation. “Mad Mike” is installing “Bike Docking Stations” in places used for other purposes. Manhattanites are frosted. Trucks can no longer park where the docking stations are because parking and loading space is gone, taken over by big government to get people to use bikes that China no longer needs because the crafty Chinese found out about cars. Years of government ignoring common sense solutions to traffic problems while trying to ban soda cups are leading New York in the wrong direction.

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