If Trump has the highest number of delegates the Republican Party will nominate him otherwise they will lose so much credibility that voters will probably change their registration to Independent or NO PARTY. Many will simply not vote in November so Hillary will be elected but so what? If Trump is shut out as the Republican candidate the system is far to corrupt for Hillary to matter. The Federal office holders don’t have much influence or effect at the state or local levels anyhow. they sort of go on a corrupt inertia. the good olf boys run the wecond and third tiers of government and the Feds just can’t reach down that far. they have enough to do to keep up with the Federal Corruption. That means you local boards and supervisors are in charge so the lower level graft and corruption will continue regardless if Trump or Hillary gets elected. It really doesn’t matter

To show discontent, get out of the party after the primary. Right after you vote in a primary election, change your registration to something else. If you want to vote in a primary next year, change back to one of the parties but change again after the primary.

Why do that? To show anger at the corrupt system. If enough people do it it will attract the attention of the party and hopefully the media. You can vote in the primary election as long as you are registered in one of the parties but there’s a time limit and once tha deadline for changing your registration passes you cannot register so you won’t be able to vote in the primary. 

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