The worlds most powerful agitator for more black power is Barack Obama. His tactic is simple. Condemn the actions of a white dominated group: viz., the police; to prove the existence of racism against blacks then spin the actions of the police to prove racism of whites against blacks; – then insist on less power for the police. That’s the use of racism to encourage blacks and guilty whites to protest against the police. That’s Race Baiting. It’s a sin and it should be a crime.

Barack is an expert at agitating the black community against white people. When he claims racism is alive and well in America he is dealing with a problem so small compared to just about any other issue that it doesn’t deserve to be voiced. Either that or judgments using many factors and attributes including the color of a persons skin is part of the normal process to judge people that it’s never going away. Obama might just as well agitate over the color of the air. It’s not changeable and it’s not a problem.

In fact, being black in America provides more advantages for blacks than whites.

Further, where is the proof that America is racist at all? America has more black stars and super stars than any other nation or culture and that includes every country in Africa. Africans in Africa do not achieve success like black people in America. It’s no anomaly that Barack Obama was elected by white people. Not enough black people voted for him because there are not enough black people in America.

That’s why black people are called a minority.

You can further witness his tactics by analyzing his words and deeds about real small issues like Ferguson and Staten Islane. He’s an expert at stoke the fires of Racism; a false charge against each and every white person.

Barack used the arrest for using the wrong and dumb attitude towards a police officer of a rather diminutive black racial agitator at Harvard, Professor Gates, to try to prove the alleged racism of the white arresting officer. The unfair use of statements about the white race to try to influence the ideas, attitudes and actions of black people is race baiting. It’s Race Agitating. It’s wrong. It’s unfair and it’s false. Obama uses it whenever he’s in trouble on some other issue and he’s been in more trouble over stupid decisions than any other president. He does it on purpose. He’s an industrial strength agitator.

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