Remember: the Free Market doesn’t exist on bribes but the government bribes people and accepts bribes as normal and is thereby corrupt. Business isn’t inherently corrupt but Government is. Bribery is a crime. Government is run by politicians who use bribes to gain and hold power. They gain power from being “elected” or “appointed” as though elections and appointments by government are a proper exercise of power. It isn’t because Political Power is exercised by means of a negative, –by the threat of punishment, injury, imprisonment, destruction.

Donald Trump has become a threat to American Political Power which explains why neither party supports him, why the establishment, the bureaucrats fear him and why the American voters see Trump as a champion who has appeared and has challenged the establishment.

Donald Trump and his company exists to make deals meaning trading value for value. He doesn’t use political power to coerce people into agreeing with him. Read: “The Art Of The Deal” which explains how he comes to agreements between people with different wants and needs. Trump operates with voluntary choice, not by using government power to force people into agreements they don’t want to make. Government doesn’t need to make deals. No one negotiates their taxes. Taxes must be paid under pain of punishment. People negotiate to buy a car or a house. Government simply coerces, i.e., forces people to pay.

At a certain level of business it becomes impossible to operate without the government because, for example, building a building is impossible without government approval. There’s no possibility to build without government being involved and the political system is the gatekeeper for government approvals which approvals are needed or the building will not be built. So “Donations” to the political parties are needed to get buildings built. Donald Trump simply ” donates” to both political parties and gets his buildings built. This is the system in which Ted Cruz is enmeshed. …..developing….

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