In today’s dystopian climate of political correctness run amok it’s considered bad form to hate anything. The idea that people should love their enemies is dangerous. It’s especially dysfunctional to love the people who are out to destroy you but the Left preaches the idea of loving your enemies. 

According to the maladapted Left, white people are the haters but a quick visit to Sub-Sahara Africa will give pause to the idea that hate is an exclusively white phenomenon. A visit to the Middle East will remove all guilt.

Hate has survival value. Hatred of Terrorists comes to mind. The normal world has banded together on this point. Bell Hooks is the opposite of the hatred of evil. Hooks criteria is that the object of the hatred must be good. Hooks hates the good people because they are good but Hooks isn’t exactly evil. She’s simply blinded by her screwball epistemology.

Hate evil. It will keep you safe from disasters at the hands of evil people. 


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