Kelly is leaving FOX.

It’s as sure as rice is white. OK, some rice is black or brown. Make it as black as coal. It’s that certain.

She told Katie Couric that the Kelly File caused “brain damage”. That’s strange. Why did Kelly go to Katie Couric to complain? Couric and her Left Wingnut buddies were supposed to be the enemy. That’s a clue to what’s going to happen to Kelly.

Megyn Kelly became a disaster to FOX when she decided to challenge Donald Trump during a debate and changed her status from moderator to anti-Trump activist. Why she is against Trump is unknown and Kelly’s silence instead of a heartfelt apology shown she’s unable to apologize because she really is against Trump. Of course Kelly can be an activist but that’s not why she was given The Kelly File by FOX. It’s why she should no longer be on FOX. If Rodger Ailes doesn’t know that he’s gone soft in the head but of course he hasn’t and he does know what Kelly is which is why Kelly is going, going gone. It’s only about her making a soft landing.

Perhaps Ailes is waiting for Trump to fail to be the Republican Candidate in which case his investment in Kelly can be salvaged but that can’t happen. Kelly is no longer impartial and her lost impartiality means she’s no longer believable. She’s an activist. She’s leaving FOX.

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