Hilla is short for Attila. That’s what her husband called her as related by him to Monica Lewinsky on the Lynda Tripp tale of the tapes wherein Tripp advised Monica to commit her experiences to a tape recorder. Why “Hilla”? From Attla The Hun, the leader of the Vandals who sacked many European capitals.

Attila was a man born to shake the nations; a scourge of all lands, who terrified all mankind. He was haughty in his walk, rolling his eyes hither and thither, so that the power of his proud spirit appeared in the movement of his body. He was a lover of war. Short of stature, with a broad chest, small and bulging eyes and an oversized head, a flat nose and sallow skin. The Hun were a race savage beyond all parallel. Not nice people, not a nice person. Hilla. Well Played, Bill Clinton.

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