CNN says trump is wrong about China because China has bee trying to increase the value of the Yuan, the Chinese Dollar, so Trump is wrong to complain about China’s “dirty float”. Trump however is right. The Yuan is far lower than it should be making it impossible to export American goods to China and even more impossible for American companies to do business in or with China.

It’s not the increase in value, it’s the value of the Yuan which is far too low and which is controlled by an anti-free market economy that is state controlled. China issued an official warning to the U.S. about Trump according to CNN. China also called Trump “big-mouthed”; “abusively forthright; “a clown” and compared him to Hitler. China failed to mention the low value of the Yuan; Tienanmen Square or their political prisoners.

They also are outraged that Trump want’s to see Japan and South Korea with Nuke’s. Trump terrifies Japan however by saying Japan should protect itself instead of America subsidizing the protection of Japan from China.No one questioned the Global Status Quo that’s paid for by Americans. No one until Donald Trump came along. Good.

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