It’s very not politically correct.
“IQ and the Wealth of Nations” is a brilliantly-conceived, superbly-written, path-breaking book that does for the global study of economic prosperity what The Bell Curve did for the USA. Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen examine IQ scores and economic indicators in 185 countries. They document that national differences in wealth are explained most importantly by the intelligence levels of the populations. They calculate that mean national IQ correlates powerfully—more than 0.7—with per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP). National IQs predict both long-term and short term economic growth rates. See the VDare review HERE.

Correlations between GDP and average national IQ are quite obvious, although very politically incorrect and severly restricted by the media. Wealthy high IQ nations like present day America might consider “building a high wall to block illegal low-IQ immigration” according to Al Fin writing for the Wentworth Report. Watch out though, Fin doesn’t really agree that a higher IQ alone equals more prosperity so he purposely tries to muddy the intellectual conclusions with extraneous ideas. He’s correct though when he wrotes: “…..politically correct governments are seeking to displace the “genes of prosperity” and to replace them with “genes of poverty, violence, and corruption.” It is not easy to displace intelligent, orderly, hard-working, and innovative populations in an open and transparent manner — and so governments often go about the process in very underhanded ways (consider immigration in Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden, or US immigration under Obama).

The implications for immigration policy are clear.

First, any conceivable level of immigration to America is insufficient to make any difference in the welfare of the billions of foreigners living in poverty.

Second, in a world where the average IQ is 90, America`s nepotism-driven immigration system (legal and illegal) will continue to import primarily foreigners with two-digit IQs. These immigrants` skills are typically insufficient to compete with our native IQ elite, but are ample for driving down the wages of our fellow American citizens who were not blessed in the IQ lottery.

The morality of such a system I leave to the reader to decide.

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