Gangsta’s in the White House ~ Corruption In The White House: Michelle Obama.

The most pampered and expensive first lady ever who suddenly had the power to travel around the world while whining and condemning Americans who pay for her extravagances like her stay at Villa Padierna in Marbella. Villa Padierna Palace Hotel is the most expensive hotel in Marbella on the Costa del Sol. It’s design was inspired by the Italian region of Tuscany, a beautiful civilized region far less expensive than Marbella, to actually visit and stay . Michelle could have gone to Italy to see the real deal instead of staying at an expensive movie set version of an Italian hotel in Spain. At the palace called a hotel, all of the rooms have marble bathrooms with a separate shower and bath unit and terraces that offer great views overlooking the 18 hole golf course, the Mediterranean and North Africa. Why not just go to Africa to see Africa instead of wasting so much American Tax Money on a junket complete with Mamma, two daughters and loads of personal friends none of whom were elected. What a disgrace.

The worst thing about Michelle is she constantly whines about how bad America and Americans treat her because she’s black. Her husband was elected because he was black and Michelle only barely got accepted into Princeton because she was black and she resents that. Not the acceptance part, the black part. Nature she believesĀ better distributed attributes among white people and she resents that. In addition she actually blames white people for being white people yet she’s great at taking advantage of all good things white including her vacation in white Spain which is in white Europe, not Africa where Michelle thinks utopia is located.

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