Suppose the path of your life encountered a triple fork but once on your chosen path, change was impossible? How would you decide which path to take? Suppose further that each path was labeled. Path number one was named Truth. Number two was Confusion and three Chaos but you couldn’t read. How would you choose?

The odds are clear. Three path’s, one choice. Suppose further that one path was just about empty, the second was crowded with people as was the third but you still didn’t know how to decide. Most people would chose the second or third and the labels; Confusion and Chaos would be less important than the number of people already on one of the paths. You select path two and are never heard from again. Same if you selected path number three. Only one path would lead to a successful life, the one labeled Truth but you had no way to know it until your were on it and perhaps even then you could not know your life was a success. Such is the dilemma confronted by most people. Even after evolving for thousands of years, few people know how to choose the right path but there is a way.

Confusion and Chaos are the ways most people run their lives. They are confronted with choices. They decide to follow everyone else and towards the end of their lives they are still confused. Others decide to follow a different crowd and they blow themselves up chasing after non-existent goals. Existence never cheats but people try to cheat reality and wind up in the fog of Chaos. Why is Truth so very hard to find?

Great wars have been fought between Confusion and Chaos. One is going on right now. Wars don’t end well. That’s the nature of war but some people refuse to learn the basic attribute of war which is someone loses and often both sides lose. Look at 9/11. Who lost? The hijackers whose lives disappeared in a flash. The innocents in the World Trade Centers. The innocents killed trying to rescue victims. Why did it happen? The proximate and final cause was the hijackers. The Efficient or Moving cause was their belief system. The Formal cause was Islam while the Initial cause was religion itself but that begs the question. Why does religion exist?

Religion got human traction because people question things and religion provided a set of answers. But like the triple dilemma of Truth – Confusion – Chaos, religion wasn’t able to answer even basic questions like”Where Are We?” Are we in a knowable universe or are we whirling through space towards where we cannot know? Most people choose the latter. Can we instead choose Truth?

The mind is organized by thoughts and conclusions A correct way, an incorrect way and a confused way will assemble the information for each mind. All of the information in a mind becomes a whole by simply adding one thought upon another. If the thoughts are arranged correctly the assembly itself is useful as a guide for further assembly. If they are mis-organized or un-organized the assembly will be wrong. Both wrong ways lead away from truth. Can religion offer a correct way to assemble the mind? Can the correct series of thoughts be organized if the wrong path is chosen?

No, not as long as religion enthralls people. The current War Against the West is called Jihad. Can Jihad be defeated? No, not as long as the choice is between Confusion and Chaos but the solution, the end of Jihad against the West depends on which side gets to Truth first. Not the phony truth offered by competing religions. That’s the ago-old choice between Confusion and Chaos. It’s not the answer. Jihad comes from the Crusades which came from the invasion and conquest of Europe by the Moors.  The Moors were never conquered.

So long as the choice is between competing religions a victory will never be permanent. Jihad may conquer people and places but they will rise up again and again. That’s the lesson of history.  Either Jihad or the West will prevail at some point in the future but the loser will arise again ad infinatum unless the roots of religion itself are stopped and that, historically, has never happened. All that is possible is containment and capture unless and until people find the truth.





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