Two Cubans stuck inside the bloody tyranny of Cuba are furious after listening to Obama’s speech in Havana. Ailer Gonz├ílez and Claudio Fuentes are members of the Forum for Rights and Freedom. After years of struggle against the one-party state and against the tyrannical Castro brothers, they believe the alleged leader of the free world has let them down by making friends with their enemy. It’s a betrayal of Cuba as well as treachery against America. Intellectually Obama didn’t visit Cuba, he went home.

Obama embraced Socialism and it’s little sister Communism while a student at the Punahou school in Hawaii which is among the chain of socialist schools within America. It is among the most expensive schools in the world and has produced Leftist stuck-up types for eons. Perhaps that’s unfair to the freedom loving graduates but they are the minority. Environmentalism is a passion with Punahou but talk is cheaper than action. Punahou uses solar panels to produce energy except at night when they don’t work. Hawaii has water and fuel problems so it cannot support large populations. It requires huge amounts of air conditioning and electricity and must import all of it’s oil, gas and coal. As a result Hawaii has the highest cost per kilowatt in the world in part because they refuse to reduce their enjoyment of life using electric power. That fact alone explains Obama’s excessive concern not with people and improving their lives with energy but with making energy more expensive. At Punahou he learned to value the land more than the people. He’s uncomfortable in cities because his formative years were spent listening to propaganda condemning them.

Obama supports the minimalist living provided by the Castro brothers which explains why Cubans are streaming into America to escape the poverty and backwardness of Socialism. Without outside support from patsy leaders like the freedom traitor Obama who enjoys punishing America for our Capitalism-based success Cubans would be dying in the streets because Socialism requires Capitalism to send it’s surplus money to Cuba to keep the island from becoming even more of an intellectual and physical death trap.

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