Bombs Away! was a popular cry during WWII by the RAF and the American bomber crews that finally caused the surrender of Germany and Japan. Until that happened both cultures supported the idea of us or them. None were innocent despite the now popular claims that it was immoral to bomb places like Dresden and Hiroshima. Liberals in America, you can recognize them by their “I hate America” chants have succeeded in changing the perpetrators to victims.

One nuance Liberals like to quote is how the “ordinary people” do not share the collective guilt associated with Germany and Japan. Nonsense. Consider those who manufactured the bullets, bombs and bombers for Germany and Japan. They are as guilty as the military who used them against the Innocent American Military. Right down to the store clerks who sold the food to sustain the factory workers at Heinkel Flugzeugwerke and Krupp the Cannon Maker as they worked at the menial tasks of sweeping the floors and putting the fuses in the bombs. Everyone had something to do and they did it to subjugate the rest of the world. Same as the floor sweepers in Iraq who support ISIL.

There are no innocents in Gaza, Iran or Iraq and no American should even mention the people of those countries without simultaneously supporting the innocence of the American Military who are in harm’s way because those people exist.

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