John Bolton calls the terrorists Barbarian Islamic Terrorists but Islam doesn’t attack people. All religions consist of doctrines, belief’s and commands but those cannot act. Muslims are the actual followers of Islam so the terrorists who supposedly use Islam to guide them are Muslim Terrorists. Muslim Terrorists according to John Bolton are Barbaric. Muslim terrorists are the barbaric people according to Bolton.

The barbarians hide “in plain sight” because they are shielded by the many normal and innocent Muslims. The problem with defeating the Terrorists is ferreting out the Terrorists from the general population among whom they hide. The West is not barbarian. The West has found freedom causes a better life but the Terrorists haven’t yet discovered freedom so the term barbaric fits.

The refuge crisis is a real thing. The problem for the West is identifying and separating the Arab people so we can capture and stop the terrorists among them.

There is a lot the West doesn’t know about the Arab world. Same for not knowing the mind of the Terrorists and knowing about those and other things is necessary to stop the Terrorists.

In the absence of solutions what should the West do? What should American’s do to keep themselves safe from the barbarians? How can Terrorists be identified? If they are not identified, how can terrorist attacks be stopped? Donald Trump want’s to stop admitting Arabs and Muslims until techniques can be invented to better identify terrorists. He calls it a pause in immigration from the Middle East until those identification techniques can be invented. That’s a common sense approach that will make America safer but it’s not the whole answer as is seen from the recent terrorist attacks in Europe and America because many of the Terrorists are citizens of Western countries. They are already here and they must be stopped here.

American’s have a unique advantage compared to all of Europe. American’s can own guns. Many American’s carry guns. At least with a gun a potential victim can shoot at or shoot back during a terrorists attack. But American government doesn’t really want Americans to have or carry guns so relying on citizens with guns to confront terrorists is not realistic.

Getting religious people to even listen to ideas that conflict with their religious belief’s is just about impossible. Religious belief’s are passed down from parents and friends soon after birth. While a newborn can’t understand a language, there are symbols in the homes of religious people that are seen by newborns as soon as they can focus their eyes. Religion begins it’s work even before birth. Mothers are trained in a particular religion so they can begin to educate their newborn from the moment of birth. It’s a really effective way to shape a developing mind.

So Muslim mothers begin to educate their newborns. Relatives, friends and other people who come in contact with a newborn continue to religiositize the developing infant’s mind. It’s a process from which few can escape but that’s the process that must be directed by those opposed to terrorism.

Religious values were strong enough to survive and prosper when they were completely banned in the Soviet Union. As soon as the Soviet government collapsed the people began to practice their religion in public. That’s how strong religion is and that’s why it’s so difficult to change the minds of Terrorists. But unless that’s done the barbaric religious based terrorists will continue to slaughter and massacre the West.

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