The Race-Industrial Complex includes the Race Baiters who see race based causes for just about every consequence. If racism is so common in America, how come black-race people are still here, more are arriving every day and even more and more want Amnesty so the illegals can stay?

The truth is: Even though racism is not a big deal in America, Race-Based agitating is a very big deal because it funds the Race-Radicals who latch onto the differences between the races to enfrenzy their base. That includes especially, the President; his attorney general and many other Harvard and Columbia Liberals who keep inventing new words that seem to prove racism.

Racism has become a profit center for Liberals. The Race-Industrial Complex brings mighty profits to the Universities who crow about how awful America is for black-raced people and where agitators are trained by the Liberal professors to keep bringing up how oppressed American black people are, people like the President, his Attorney General, Oprah, football stars, basketball and baseball stars, thousands of black movie stars and the tens of thousands of black Americans who go about their business and their lives in a rather completely integrated culture where racism doesn’t much exist because of the myriad laws that prohibit it. The point being, racism has become an amazingly profitable business which will assure us that racism charges will continue so get rid of your racist guilt and enjoy the integrated party that’s called America.

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