His father is a pastor. He’s now running on a platform so right-wing he makes Ronald Reagan look like Dwight Eisenhower. He calls America to go back to its sacred “Judeo-Christian” roots. Cruz’s father said his son decided to run for President after 100 of the smartest people in America endorsed him.  

No, that’s a joke. Ted decided to run for President after his wife Heidi talked with God. That’s not a joke. Heidi told Ted that God gave Teddy his endorsement and told her Ted received the official go-ahead to run from God Almighty. Not only does Ted’s wife believe God talks to her, Ted believes it too.

America’s hardline Religious Right Republicans see Cruz as their best hope for 2016. And David Barton, a Christian Right hardliner who is Ted’s Campaign fundraising manager was used by the LA Times to confirm their judgment their “Cruz is scary” theory. Barton
wears his cowboy hat and American-flag shirt in inappropriate venues. Barton is by all accounts a bit wacky so Cruz keeps him in the background.

Barton’s been called a God-and-country huckster of the highest (or lowest) order who really believes the US is God’s chosen nation. Barton gets his ideas from the Bible for tax policy, marriage and family, science, diplomacy, and the laws of the land. In his view, the constitution is a holy document, and the founding fathers made the country a Christian nation. Way off base, this one.

Think about Brussels when you read that Barton said God punishes nations that fail to follow a divine plan. He and goofy Glenn Beck forecast dire consequences for the US if Cruz is thwarted and doesn’t win the presidency. These are whacky-brained really goofy people who should never be close to the power of the Presidency. They probably shouldn’t get behind the wheel of a car either.

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