The National Police Forces report to the President. Why did he permit the anti-Trump protesters to disrupt the Trump Rally in Chicago? Why didn’t Rahm Emanual, the motor of Chicago stop the destructive anti-Trump demonstrators who didn’t want to protest but to stop a rally? The First Amendment is designed to protect protesters but not people who what to destroy property as part of their protest. There’s also the idea that some people shouldn’t start riots.
And the First Amendment is not in effect for trespassers on private property. When Trump or anyone else rents a large hall even if it’s from government he, not the government is in charge of the behavior of the people who enter the property. Just like in your home, you are in charge and you are not obligated to listen to people with whom your do not agree. In your home you tell them to shut up or leave. Same for Trump rally. If Donald isn’t OK with your demonstration he is well within his rights to tell you to leave.

Same for blocking a highway to demonstrate. Not allowed. Not protected by the right of free speech or the right to express your opinions. There’s no right to demonstrate on property you do not own. You can demonstrate in “the public square” but not on a highway. Nor can you demonstrate on a sidewalk if you inconvenience others. Zip it.

That’s why private property is important. Private property is in the care of the owner or the renter. they, not the public gets to say what is prohibited and what is permitted. Otherwise any loudmouth could show up at your home and do as they pleased and you wouldn’t have a right to stop them.

That’s what people mean when they say the Constitution is not a suicide pact. You want to protest Trump do it the legal and correct way. On your own property or on property you rent. Keep off Trumps property.

Who should protect Trump? Starting with Obama, it’s the government. If Obama cannot control the citizens of America, what good is he? No one needs a Commander in chief who doesn’t understand what he’s supposed to be doing about protecting Trump and the people at Trumps rallies.

America would be better off if Obama wasn’t so against America which he just proved by frolicking in Havana with the Castro boys.

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