Fred On Everything wrote: “Things do not look good. The country is disintegrating. The borders are open, against the will of much of the population. Our universities are in sharp decline, the students a rebellious unschooled rabble portending a peasant future. The economy gutters and standards of living fall. Jobs are few and becoming fewer. Racial animosity is high and rising, with blacks out of control and looting at will.

“We have that least American of Presidents, a marginally competent Afro-Indonesian confection of Moslem background who doesn’t like whites, has little in common with most of the country and is now a virtual dictator reshaping the country as he chooses. The Talking-Headocracy supports this. The decline will not stop.

“Can this last?

“The foregoing disasters are forced upon the many who hate it by a corrupt government of self-interested hacks, Northeastern in flavor, intent on outlawing Christianity and controlling the population by ever-tightening surveillance and police powers.

“The national anger increases palpably: Islamophobes versus Islamophiles, gun owners versus gun controllers, sexual curiosities versus the traditionally moral, lesbian feminists against men and normal women. Viscerality is high. The contending sides hate each other m more than they care about the issues that provide pretexts.

“As one example among many: If White Southerners genitally mutilated their daughters, practiced honor killing, and didn’t allow their girls to go to school, the Friends of Islam would erupt in fury. They overlook these practices in Moslems because they are using Moslems as a means of punishing people they loathe, such as White Southerners.

“It is hard to see how this can continue without Something Happening. Yet no sign exists that the tide will abate; —that standards and discipline will be re-imposed in academe, that grade schools will cease being indoctrination camps, that immigration will be stopped, that blacks will become calm and content, or that some new form of economic order will halt the slide into semi-impoverishment.

“How could it turn around? “Political correctness” prevents discussion. Saying “nigger” is virtually a capital offense, while beating whites unconscious is a foible. The philosophy mysteriously called Cultural Marxism—very real but hardly Marxist—flourishes, and stultifies.

“How can it stop? How will it end? Will the country slide into grey twilight with a few rich living in gated communities while the rest grub for a bare living in decaying and dangerous cities? Or will the solutions usual in such times appeal—civil war, secession, or a Man on a Horse?

“I do not see how the rot can go on but neither can I see how it can stop going on. Consider the choices: Secession? Of what? Those favoring white European culture, high academic standards, and respect for law sometimes dream of a breakaway country of the states of the Northwest short of California. Many, sick of domination by New York and Washington, would like to see it, but it is hard to imagine the will to do it. Unlikely.

“Civil war? Conditions will have to be much worse, methinks, and fragmentation sharper, before anyone would pick up a rifle. War requires virility, and little of it seems to exist. Unlikely.

“Informal secession? “Just Say no”? Various states have chosen simply to ignore federal drug laws, for example, making marijuana legal. There is not much the feds can do short of military invasion. Washington can arrest small numbers of people who smoke dope, but not a hundred thousand, and if the state police refuse to help, the feds lack the manpower to impose their laws. This is the Vietnam Principle: Don’t give the enemy clear targets of high value, disperse your forces, and outwait him.

“This solution is possible, but not, I think, likely on a scale grand enough to change the direction of the country.

“A Man on a Horse? A dictator who grabs power and rules the country by decree? As so often is the case, only the military has the wherewithal, but it does have it and the grabbing might well prove easy: The Marines are within easy reach of Washington and have the firepower.

“Yet the American officer corps traditionally has shown little interest in inserting itself directly into politics, and it has its wars and budget to keep it happy. Especially now, the generals seem much too effete, afraid of feminists and so on. Physically possible, but unlikely.

“That leaves gray-sludge-and-twilight. The cultural level will continue to fall as waves of intellectually illiterate graduates pour from the universities. Schools of engineering and science will mostly resist enstupidation–the definite integral will prove an absolute barrier to affirmative action–but liberal studies, the heart of civilization, will remain dead. Hostility and perhaps mini-wars will erupt between Americans and the Somalis, Moslems, and Guatemalans brought in by the DC-NYC axis, but these will probably be inconclusive. Christianity will be reduced to a low level, though Judaism and Islam will flourish as their adherents have the will to prevent suppression.

“The economy will continue its slide while the rich, no longer attached to any particular country, will become stupefyingly rich. (Someone recently paid $172 million for a Modigliani). If things go bad in Manhattan, they can easily move to the south of France.

“I do not see how civil unrest (it won’t be civil) can fail to arise. Comfortable people, which white Americans still barely are, do not readily clash with others. But comfort dwindles. The young now often have to live with their parents. People with advanced degrees work as baristas at Starbucks. Universities use “adjunct professors,” academic migrant workers, to lower pay and avoid providing benefits. Many companies hire people as “individual contractors,” likewise to avoid paying benefits. Large numbers who want to work are on food stamps and unemployment.

“Not parenthetically, I remember being in Italy at breakfast with a tour group. The restaurant had not ordered enough food for the buffet. These sophisticated and civil people began grabbing, reaching over each other, to get the yogurt and doughnuts. Civilization is a veneer, and not a thick one. Nationally, we are running out of doughnuts.

“One thing is clear: America is no longer “one nation under God” (who is, I suppose, an undocumented alien).It is an unhappy land of warring tribes, of peoples who have nothing in common and do not like each other. Blacks, whites, browns, Syrians, Somalis, Southerners, Yankees, Christians, mostly detesting each other. The battle lines are drawn. The question is what kind of battle it will be.”

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