Garland is a smart educated guy so his evasiveness especially on abortion is a secret calculated to fool the people.

“The fact that Obama is nominating someone with zero public record on reproductive issues shows just how broken and partisan the system has become. Abortion is among the most divisive issues in an already toxic political climate– any public statements indicating a pro-choice or anti-abortion position would likely hamstring a nominee. That’s why other SCOTUS hopefuls have manage to avoid weighing in on abortion or reproductive issues in their careers. Anything that hints at a pro-choice sentiment could give Senate Republicans an excuse to blow up the whole process. “Smart judges don’t do that,” Time 

“Garland is considered a judicial moderate and a centrist.[25] Garland has been described by Nina Totenberg and Carrie Johnson of NPR as “a moderate liberal, with a definite pro-prosecution bent in criminal cases”.[3] The New York Times said he “is often described as brilliant”[25] and wrote that “If Judge Garland is confirmed, he could tip the ideological balance to create the most liberal Supreme Court in 50 years.”

So Garland’s views have been available but they’re calculated and carefully calibrated to further his agenda which is, …… well, what is his agenda and without knowing it how can he attempt to keep it covered-up in front of the Senate? Even more basic, what is he hiding and why?

He is undeserving of a hearing. Why waste our time with the likes of a secret judge? WHose side is he on? Obama, Clinton, NPR and Nina Totenberg say he’s on their side which means they think they know him so they are in on the conspiracy. Nuts to Merrick Garland.

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