Trump is the Rebel-In-Chief. He didn’t run for the job but he got it. If the Republican Convention doesn’t nominate Donald Trump the Republican Party will disappear as a political party. The chances of that are small because Trump need the party and the party need him. Politics works locally, state by state, and nationally. Trump needs the local and state Republican Politicians to be sure the country is running the way he wants it to run.

Most people don’t get sufficiently involved so they aren’t aware of how the Republicans run the job fair called the bureaucracy but there are millions of Republicans working at the state capitals, the county seats and at the school boards, the school districts, borough’s and townships all across America. Same for the Democrats. While the President may change, the locals keep their heads down and go about their business paving the roads, delivering the mail and keeping the sewers clear. They don’t change whenever the President changes so the local Republican governors and mayors and their bureaucrats and the local Democrats stay in power, collect their little pots of money and keep things running. It’s not a perfect system and it’s full of corruption at every level but that’s what goes on and that’s why Trump is winning.

The rebellion of the voters has been going on but we’ve been powerless until Trump showed up. That’s why he’s so popular and that’s why we need him. 


People at the state and local levels are so completely fed up with the local and state politicians who don’t care a wit about the voters that they are supporting Trump hoping some of it changes.

No one expects the overpaid teachers with their gold-plated pensions will be handled by Trump but that’s where most of the money paid by the voters goes. Trump can handle the big stuff. The small stuff won’t be handled at all but if some of it’s handled it won’t make make much difference to the retired people who will continue to have their pensions erode and their local taxes go up but they don’t have to like it and that’s why trump is popular. He’s not one of the in crowd. He can stop some of the bad stuff that Obama has been doing to Americans. That will help but if only a little bit of it stops we’ll be happier than we’ve been because of Obama, the Progressives and the welfare bums who have been taking out money in the name of every cause they can invent and the corruption continues. No wonder we’re angry. No wonder Trump is popular. The real wonder is that Trump stepped up for us. .


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