Dick Morris lost his reputation as a pollster and political forecaster when he forecast Romney would defeat Obama. Same for Karl Rove who was recently dusted off by FOX News after he mistakenly kept predicting Romney would win. Rove is flailing around showing off his deep knowledge of the number of voters and where they all live but Rove lacks the political elan needed to hook up with the voters and to predict for whom they will vote. Elections cannot be predicted by reference only to the statistics. Elections involve people and people surprise all the time.

Trump changed American politics because he doesn’t need anyone because he has enough money on his own but there’s more to the victories of Trump that having enough money to go it alone. He’s a “Presence” a “Big Person”. That’s what Rove doesn’t get. Neither does someone as small-minded and as insular as Megyn Kelly who lost her reputation when she got into a match against Trump.  They misunderstood the nature of Trump. They can’t get that Trump is indeed a Big Guy. Trump is defeating the other Republican candidates because they aren’t as big as Trump, in an oppositional sense. None of them can rise beyond themselves and transcend the ordinary personalities they are. They cannot rise to the bigness of a moment that has seen a total collapse in institutions in this era of systemic fraud, combined with flat wage growth over a generation, and with no solutions offered.

It’s the job of a leader to contextualize all of that and to explain both the struggles today and the possibility of triumph tomorrow. Trump gets that. How many speeches of great American leaders like F.D.R. or Eisenhower do you think the other candidates read before they ran for president? Probably not too many.The time left for Trump’s three remaining opponents to be revising their campaign narratives — so as to appear not simply new or anti-establishment or authentically conservative, but presidential — is growing late.

Kasich’s candidacy is almost over. He may win his home state but Kasich has never come close to beating Trump because Kasich is a small man. Kasich says Trump can be defeated at  a contested convention. Arm-twisting delegates is the only option the anti-Trump forces are down to which proves all of the  Republican consultants have already lost their jobs. Trump is on his way. He may in fact be bigger than we know.

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