Rubio bloodied his nose and proved he could use mockery aka. Saul Alinsky to get people to vote for him but Rubio is a baby-faced freshman senator with lots of potential, an inability to live up to it and not quite ready to sit with the grownups. Cruz and Rubio proved there’s less to them than meets the eye. Carson proved he’s really is a nice man who was audited for the first time after he criticized President Obama during a debate which is what’s wrong with Obama who sent the IRS against a citizen just because that’s what bed president’s do. Hillary and Bill did it. Check out FILEGATE. Kasick proved he’s a good smart and decent man who won’t win a debate. Trump?

He won’t be helped by the revelations of some of his business deals. The facts are that some people like to try to cheat and business people who become successful must defend themselves against them and against people who don’t like to pay the contractor. Lawsuits are often needed to make people live up to their end of a contract.

Rubio tried but smiled too much when he went back and forth against Donald. Rubio hasn’t done much with his life even though being elected a Senator is a difficult political achievement. Political. The problem is it’s political and that’s what Trump is fighting to get under control. So the more Rubio gets to Trump is proof of how politicians work and it shows they are great debaters without being actual achievers. Trump wins the debate because he’s been in the trenches and has done great and amazing things against the odds and against some pretty bad people.

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