So if you are in PA and get sick during your winter vacation in Florida your health insurance doesn’t cover you in Florida. Your coverage ends at the PA State Line. Marco asked Trump: “what’s this about lines? What are health care lines?” 

Trump knows about lines because he provides health care insurance to employees in many states so he’s aware of the limits of the State Lines. It’s because every state regulates insurance separately and therefore differently. Every state has different insurance rules because each state has a state insurance director or some such title who regulates all insurance in each state but none of whom has any authority outside the separate states, hence: “State Lines”.

But Marco is all about being from Cuba and being Spanish speaking so he’s never run up against the idea of State Lines for Insurance. Trump knows all about lines including Marco’s attempt to portray himself as Spanish but he’s Cuban, not Spanish. Most Spanish speakers in the New World want to up-rate themselves as being closer to Spain than other Spanish speakers, none of whom were born in Spain. Spain is the country of their dreams where the most sophisticated people are.
But the Spanish generally hate all latinos, consider them prostitutes and theives and dangerous. They consider their Spanish pronunciation inferior and constantly told people NOT to learn Spanish from them. Latinos on the other hand, believe Spanish people are rude and speak obscenely. Latin American to the average Spaniard may as well be on another planet, they care that little for it.

The Spanish reject the term “Latino” so they can distance themselves from Latin America but consider themselves “latin” (as in Italian/Southern European).

For example: Mexican society is self-divided into castes which determine the socio-political and economic level of the people: first, there are the Spaniards, who had all the wealth, government positions (conveniently far from Spain, they could loot the country at will) and were the entrepreneurs and landowners. Some among them were nobles too and were styled counts or dukes or barons. Then came the “criollos” or creoles, the children of European fathers and mothers born in Mexico. Then came the “mestizos”, as explained above, and a host of others like the “mulatos”, children of a white father and a black mother, as we did have slaves from Africa too, but not to the extent of the USA.

The “mestizos” were way below in the food chain, most were children of single mothers and were not recognized by their fathers. Last names or family names had to be given when the kids were baptized, and since the mothers didn’t know the last name of the fathers of their children, they used his first name as the kids’ last name. The “mestizos” were the children of the powerful, exploiting European father and the subjugated, powerless, raped Mexican mother.

This is how the South American inferiority complex was born.

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