Brian is the real deal. In an historic announcement to be a candidate for the 8th Congressional District in Bucks, Philly and Montco, Brian Fitzpatrick, the brother of Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick were both born, raised, educated, played and lost their hearts to Bucks County, PA. Like his Congressman brother Mike, Brian went to school in Levittown, Lower Bucks County. Brian then went to LaSalle in Philadelphia while still living in Bucks, Then to Penn State where the Blue and White rubs off onto the students, then Dickinson in Carlisle, PA then onto Arthur Anderson LLP in nearby Philly, the U.S. Department of Justice Anti-Trust Division, (Philly), to Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, (Philly), and The Federal District Court in Philly before moving to New York, (home of Donald Trump), then to LA and finally to Northampton Township, right back in Bucks. Brian has multiple degrees and loads of business, legal and international experiences. This is a young man who has been inside the belly of the beast of corruption. Corruption is a major problem and International Corruption as both Brian and Donald know is a major nightmare for America and Americans. San Bernardino? Brian has been involved with the investigations.  

Fighting Terrorism means investigating the finances of the Terrorists, as Presidential Candidate Donald Trump and Brian Fitzpatrick knows. Both have immense financial backgrounds which make them part of a team of people who have been Philly educated, Trump at the Warton school and Brian who studied in PA all of his life and who gained International experience far more important to keeping America safe than the average bear. 

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