Obama and Hillary hate the power and glory of America. They proved it by assisting the International Court System established in The Hague, a court that exists only to  prosecute:  war crimes; crimes against humanity;and genocide against the power of Congress and The President. In other words, America can be charged in the International Court without the approval of Congress or the President. Why would Hillary want to do that? Why does she want to by-pass Congress and agree that Americans, American Military and Ex-Presidents could be tried outside of America for War Crimes?

George Bush cancelled his trip to Geneva Switzerland in 2011 to address the United Israel Appeal because of the concern over International Court Arrest Warrants for Bush and Cheney because they were alleged to be war criminals. Hillary wants to enhance American involvement and cooperation with the International Court even though America has a really great system to arrest and prosecute Americans yet both Obama and Hillary want to give more powers to the International Court. 

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